pool ideas

Unify Your Surroundings

The key to a great design is balance so make sure the poolside area and the actual pool look unified. Also, choose materials and colors that match the style of your house.

Use Natural Materials

Let nature shape your pool’s décor by using natural materials like stone. Surround an organic-shaped pool with rocks, flower beds and vegetation. Generally speaking, a pool is either naturalistic or it’s not. If it is, boulders can transform a pool area into an oasis. They are best used in groups with plenty of additional landscaping. Get more information about landscape over at homegardenscare.com.

Choose materials that work with your pool’s overall look. For example, a Mediterranean or traditional style pool design looks best if you avoid using boulders and opt instead for balanced landscaping.

Whatever the style, make sure you don’t obstruct any surrounding views of natural beauty. For a great job Get only the best garden design dublin has to offer. These are professional garden designers at your service, fast and affordable.

Add Colour

Aim for a blending of the pool’s finish colour, pool tiles and paving stones. Find shades that have something in common between them. For earthy surroundings, look for colours that are more natural. On the other hand, if you want the pool to stand out, pick contrasting colours for the surrounding areas

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Create a Lounge Area

Set up a cozy lounge area beside the pool that’s separate from the patio. Matching furniture is a nice touch when there is more than one outdoor lounge area. Casual furniture is more practical and offers a more relaxed mood.


Properly designed lighting for the pool and nearby areas adds class and sophistication to an outdoor space. When selecting and arranging lights, keep these factors in mind

Focal points
Light quality
Balance and symmetry
Highlight certain points in your landscape such as topiaries, pool decks and patios.

Accent Features

Adding a few decorations like decorative hooks, wall art or garden statuary in your pool’s style can have a big impact on the overall design. Accents, such as fire features, are also a great way to enhance the atmosphere you’re trying to achieve.

Use Potted Plants

Potted plants can transform a plain area of an outdoor space. Even adding a few potted plants beside a bench brings life to the area.

Position and maintain potted plants with these tips:

Cluster pots together to get the feel of a garden bed
Use stands to vary the height of the pots
Place potted plants at the end of a bench, on both sides of a door or gate or beside pool furniture to unify the pool layout
Water potted plants often as they tend to dry out faster