pool design ideas

“A well-designed pool can be a restful, soothing, and sophisticated water element in a landscape,” says Scott Lewis of Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture. Since launching his San Francisco firm in 1993, Lewis has worked on numerous pools and water features in his designs for residences, resorts, estates, and public institutions. “A pool needs to be part of a whole plan,” he says, “so we base the size, shape, and location on the specific project. We don’t use a formula.”

Where should I put the spa or hot tub?

Pools look best as a single, unbroken sheet of water, says Lewis: “We generally make the spa a separate unit and place it elsewhere in the landscape.” However, it is more efficient and less expensive to have the spa integrated into the pool. You can also enhance your exterior with professional services. They create attention grabbing Patios dublin. Contact the best patio paving service in the area for your outdoor landscape.

  1. What kind of pool furniture will I need?

A pool area crowded with furniture becomes less restful, says Lewis. “Depending on the intended look, we prefer pieces with classic, simple lines,” he says, citing Richard Schultz’s 1966 Lounge Collection for Knoll (“comfortable, low-maintenance chairs and tables that can be left outside”). Texture can also work well, such as Paola Lenti’s line of well-designed chaises.