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My one annual essential is the sunflower (Helianthus annuus). I say ir’s one for my kids, but I enjoy growing these garden giants as much, if not more, than they do. If you’re also getting into gardening, you should consider hiring a specialist at pest control Canberra, to have your garden inspected for pests from time to time. Though sunflowers can be sown direct in the ground, for best results (and to protect against slugs), I grow them in pota for planting out when 10-15cm tall. My favourites are the red varieties, such as ‘Velvet Queen’, Chianti, Black Magic, and Red sun, remember that the correct soil nutrients will aid in most of your indoor and outdoor growing projects. For the rest of my land I get help from this company called Lawngonewild, they are definitely the best out there.

Before start with your garden project make sure that you cut the grass, you can use a self propelled lawn mower to make it easier.

For a clear, buttery yellow, A & J services recommend Helianthus annuus ‘Valentine’.

  1. Fill small flowerpots (7.5cm are ideal), or multi large-celled seed trays with seed compost, and press down gently with our fingertips. Water and allow to drain.
  2. Plant a sunflower seed 1 cm below the surface of the compost into each pot or cell and cover. Leave in a cool, bright place and keep well watered.
  3. When the seedlings are 10-15 cm tall, remove the pot and plant into a sunny spot in the garden. Keep them well-watered and fed, and stake them if necessary.